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Cheetay Compare To Foodpanda & Eat Mubarak

With new innovations redefining customer experiences every day, modern life is full of ease and luxury. Perhaps the most important inventions of recent years are smartphones and applications. A food-centric person like myself, whose thoughts and actions are mostly centered around food, has found food delivery apps so helpful. To make my food dreams come true, I use three different food delivery apps, and today I’ll compare them.



There is little difference between the functionality of all three food delivery apps in pakistan. The user’s location is taken into account when providing recommendations. A shopping cart with a variety of payment options is created for each item ticked. Favorites are displayed simply on Food Panda’s main screen. Throughout every page, a search bar is visible. Reviews and menus are displayed on separate pages for each featured restaurant on Eat Mubarak. There are several filters available on Cheetay, such as cuisines, delivery distances, and deals. Foodpanda does not provide live tracking of orders, unlike Eat Mubarak and Cheetay.


Cheetay provides generalized delivery services across the city whereas Food Panda and Eat Mubarak are both food delivery applications. As for consistently quick delivery, Food Panda is the most reliable, while Cheetay is a little slower. Eat Mubarak is somewhere in between. Three applications have definitely experienced an impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Although FoodPanda lacks live tracking, it compensates for this by offering excellent customer service and quick chat options. The customer service at both Eat Mubarak and Cheetay is good, but the SOPs at FoodPanda make it stand out from the competition.


Every day, more food delivery applications are launched, making food-app competition fiercer than ever. Special deals, promotions, and other discounts are available every day, so customers get the best deal. Eat Mubarak provides several promo codes for discounts, while Cheetay has a permanent category of special offers. In collaboration with a number of restaurants, FoodPanda offers daily exclusive deals on its app.

Ultimately, comparing these three apps and combining them can result in a great overall experience. Each vendor offers a different selection of eateries, and FoodPanda allows you to order from several at once. I guess different strokes for different people.

Frequently Ask questions

What are the health benefits of food delivery?

Depending on how you usually cook, it may not be as healthy as your home cooking, but it’s certainly not unhealthy. Lean protein and fresh produce are included in every meal, as well as mostly whole grains.

What is the reason for the high cost of food delivery?

Delivery apps charge commissions and other fees to businesses that partner with them. This means that restaurants receive only a portion of the total payment when customers place orders through these apps. On delivery apps, most businesses display higher prices per item than they do on their menus. I hope this article will help you to know about the best food delivery apps.

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