How to Boost Your Twitter page in WordPress Bussiness Site with a Popup

How To Boost Your Twitter Page In Wordpress Bussiness Site With A Popup (1)

Do you want to share a page promotion on Twitter with a popup on your WordPress site? WordPress Bussiness

Sharing your pages on Twitter as a custom wordpress website development services popup is a great way to get additional followers and increase engagement. You can use your website for growth to promote social content and custom wordpress website development services on your Twitter account. In this blog, we will show you how to promote a Twitter page in WordPress using a popup lightbox.

Why promote your Twitter page on a WordPress bussiness site?

Twitter is one of the favored social webs. many businesses use it to promote their products, blog posts, and share ads and news. In addition, it is a great place to get feedback from enthusiasts, chat and conduct audio webinars through Twitter Spaces. WordPress Bussiness

However, getting people to follow you on Twitter can be hard work. What if you could use your website to increase your social media followers with popups? You can display the Twitter page in a popup lightbox anywhere on your site. This will help increase the visibility of your Twitter profile and increase the number of followers.

Not for everyone, you can also use lightbox popups to create mailing lists, generate leads, suggest content updates, display contact forms, and more. Let’s see how you can use a popup lightbox to promote users on Twitter.


Boost your Twitter Page in WordPress with Lightbox Popup

A great way to add lightbox popups to WordPress is to use OptinMonster. It’s a stylish WordPress popup plugin and on-demand lead-generation software. OptinMonster makes it super easy to increase sales, generate leads, grow your mailing list, and optimize your funnel for further conversions.

First, you need to visit the OptinMonster website and click the “Get OptinMonster Now” button to create an account. For this blog, we will be using the OptinMonster Pro license Custom WordPress Development Company because it includes an opt-out clause, advanced customization options, and pre-built templates. You can get 10 new discounts using OptinMonster law. WordPress Bussiness

After creating an account, you need to install and run the Optin Monster plugin. However, if you need help, check out our friend’s guide on how to install WordPress plugins. Once activated, you will be taken to the Optin Monster Setup Wizard screen. Go forward and connect the button to your Being account”.

A new pop-up will open to confirm using your Optin Monster account. Just click the “Connect to WordPress” button to continue. You can then go to Optin Monster” Juggernauts from your custom wordpress website development services WordPress dashboard to create a crusade.

Go ahead and click the Create Your First Crusade button. After that, Optin Monster offers different types of crusades to choose from. Since we want to create a lightbox popup, select the “Popup” crusade type.

In the crusading type, you will see wordpress service providers’ different templates for pop-up crusades. You can select a template by hovering over it and clicking the Use Template button.

In this Blog, we will use the Social Network template. Next, a pop-up window will appear where you can enter the name of the crusade. Once you’ve added your name, go ahead and click the “Start Building” button.

This will open the Optin Monster Crusade Builder where you can use the drag-and-drop builder to customize your popup. The plugin offers a variety of widgets that can be Custom WordPress Development Services added to the template from the menu on the left. You can also modify the blocks in the template.

In that case, you can remove other social networks but keep the Twitter button to provide a call-to-action button that allows pages to follow your page on Twitter.

Additionally, there are options to edit the blog in the header and body. For illustration, if you want a custom wordpress website design the button to be “Follow Me” instead of “Twitter”, you can change the Button Text field to the left wing.

You can then click on the Twitter button to see more options in the menu on the left. Go ahead and enter your Twitter link in the New Window URL field. Then drag the “HTML” block from the menu and drop it into the template. you have the HTML block ready, and now you need to create the code to display the Twitter page


Add a Twitter page lightbox popup to your website bussiness site


You can now return to the Optin Monster crusade builder window or tab in your web browser.

Then click the HTML block in the generated popup window. You will see a field on the left wing where your WordPress Design And Development Services can bury the bed using the Twitter Publish tool. When you enter bed law, you will see a Twitter timeline training in a crusade pattern. After that, you can go to the Display Rules tab. You can then set the conditions when the popup lightbox will appear on your site.

For example, this can appear when a user has seen a page for a certain amount of time, visited a certain page, or is about to leave your site. In this blog, we will select Time on the custom wordpress website development services Page as the display rule and set the number of seconds after which the popup will appear.

You can then make the popup appear on every page in your node by setting “Current URL” to “any page”. ‘ After that, you can switch to the behavior tab at the bottom. Now make sure that “Optin” is named after the “show crusade view” option.

There are also optional settings to add merchandise and sound to the popup. You can then go to the Published tab to start your crusade.

Just the “Modification Status” from Current to Post. You can now click the Save button at the top to save your wordpress plugin development services settings and close Crusade Builder. To confirm that your crusade is published, go to the Optin Monster” juggernauts in your WordPress admin panel. You should see a green Change Status with “Published” in the Status column.

However, you can click on the Change custom wordpress website development services Status option under the name of the crusade and select Publish from the drop-down menu otherwise. Your Monster Crusade optin will now be active.

To see your Twitter page in a lightbox popup, visit your website.



We hope this blog helped you learn how to Boost Your Twitter page in WordPress Bussiness Site with a Popup. If you looking for a Responsive Web Development Company, and want to create a site then contact 8therate.

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