Over 87,000 apply for PM-UDAY scheme in Delhi

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NEW DELHI — According to authorities, over 87,000 individuals have filed for the PM-UDAY initiative, which seeks to bestow or PM-UDAY scheme in Delhi

recognise ownership rights for inhabitants of unauthorised colonies in Delhi till October 22. According to them, over four lakh users have registered on the platform.

The Delhi Development Authority is implementing the Pradhan Mantri – Unauthorized Colony in Delhi Awas Adhikar Yojna (PM-UDAY) initiative (DDA).

According to the statement, 30,717 of the 87,275 applications have been resolved to far.

The Delhi Development Authority is implementing the Pradhan Mantri – Unauthorized Colony in Delhi Awas Adhikar Yojna (PM-UDAY) initiative (DDA).

PM’s New Housing Scheme: According to reports, the PM Uday Awas adhikar yojana would provide 40 lakh Delhi people residing

in illegal colonies with ownership of their houses and flats. Borrowing against one’s house or flat is another option.PM-UDAY scheme in Delhi

The whole plan is carried out through the online PM-UDAY application platform. From Friday evening through Monday evening, the gateway will be unavailable for maintenance.

“As of October 22, 2021, the site has received 4,37,255 registrations and 87,275 applications.

To far, 30,717 applications (10,650 CD/AS

issued) have been disposed of out of 87,275 applications “According to the statement.

It said that the portal’s capacity is being

increased to provide stakeholders with a

smooth experience and timely delivery of services.

The PM-UDAY online application portal, website, and mobile app will be temporarily unavailable for usage from 8 p.m. on Friday

(October 29) until 8 p.m. on Monday (November 1) for maintenance, according to a DDA statement.

Adhikar yojana: Delhi’s new housing policy ?

All other online public services offered by DDA, including as website, conversion, and mutation, would remain unaffected, it stated.

The subject of non-recovery of dues from

developers / builders was thoroughly

examined. The Secretary, MoHUA, believes that “there is a need to tighten recovery procedures under RERA in order to

guarantee that refunds/ compensations

granted by regulatory bodies are really paid

to homeowners by developers/ builders,” according to the housing ministry’s meeting minutes. Pm uday yojana

The government had written to the chairs of six regulators to investigate the matter of noncompliance with directives and recommend a course of action. The regulators of Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, and Maharashtra have reacted, and their recommendations are being considered.

PM Uday Awas Adhikar Yojana: How toApply and Get Ownership of Your House or Flat

The minutes also state that the secretary of the Uttar Pradesh regulatory body voiced his

worry regarding noncompliance with RERA regulations. “He proposed that some kind of

recovery mechanism be added in RERA,” it stated.

Abhay Upadhyay of FPCE, who represents homebuyers, advised that each regulatory entity have a recovery officer.

According to the government, Joshi has

advised studying data from one RERA where

recovery has not been made despite instructions from the regulator. The government is also forming a group to investigate all problems associated to legacy blocked projects and recommend strategies to finish them on schedule.

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